Anne-Marie Faniel, soprano

A new album for the soprano

In 2015, Anne-Marie Faniel will focus on writing the text of its fourth album! An opus totally different, authentic and pure, momentarily abandoning the operatic world and robbing her voice giving way to the text by which Anne-Marie will deliver her real message.                             

 In association with the music of the talented Quebecer composer Marc Provençal, this album will be as fine, pure and simple as possible to touch hearts.         

The release of the video "VIVRE" is the first song of the album, you will be able to taste that new style by taking a look at it.      

You will be informed of any developments of this album which will be launched in 2016. Meanwhile, Anne-Marie Faniel will be present on the scenes of Quebec, France and Costa Rica. Details will be announced soon !


It's with immense joy that we present you VIVRE. It's the first song by Anne-Marie Faniel, accompanied with music by Marc Provençal. This piece is the first of a long serie that will constitute the fourth album of the soprano! Stay tuned!

VIVRE: touching, inspiring... staggering!

I give you VIVRE, it sums up my comprehension of life... May it inspire you to LIVE to the fullest... higher... farther! With all my heart: Thank you!

Anne-Marie Faniel


Anne-Marie Faniel also designs artistic frames. She is a co-founder of Lunetterie les Branchés, where her glasses are sold. However, Faniel Eyewear can now be found all over the world. Visit her website for more info.


Partenaire musique sopranoPartenaire musique soprano